Within about an hour after posting my need for an interior designer/stager for my mom AND a potential to build upon a new market/entrepreneurial concept, Nath called me. His enthusiasm was spot on for me, he is very quick thinking and intelligent as well as creative. He “got,” my unique needs for my mom’s care. Nath not only caught onto my business needs and how helping me could benefit his business, we almost immediately started to co-create some ideas and direction for my projects! He was very generous of his time and in sharing his creative spirit, as we visited about my mom’s unique interior design needs and my vision for providing an extraordinary living environment in a single room living area. I loved his ideas! I loved how he was able to really listen to my concerns, pain, and dreams for improving my mom’s quality of life…how one’s environment can help them to live better. In fact, Nath, who at a relatively young age has headed up, been involved in amazing projects, hangs one of his hats on the very concept as to how design of indoor and outdoor environments SHOULD help the inhabitants to live easier and better. Environments from small projects to even huge projects are a powerful force, the foundation even for whatever the desired function to be experienced in any given space. He believes, my summation here, that by creative architectural, aesthetic and functional design can interact…sort of meet the users/inhabitants at their levels of function, personal, or collective needs for any given space. I am a Physical Therapist, and I so believe in this concept. Meeting Nath by phone and then in an exciting meeting at my home, was like receiving a huge blessing or cosmic gift in both my mom and my own lives at this very time. His capabilities cross over from being an architect, interior designer, artist, and even virtual design concepts. His mind just seems to be able to meld with his clients’ needs, and then well it is like opening a magic cannister which when opened, all of this intelligence, compassion, passion, drive, (in my case) bursts out and grows or flows. He brings all of this, based upon our interactions to date, to the plate on every project from small to large complex projects. Nath is truly one of the top most impressive and talented persons whom I have met in my 52 years of life. I am not exaggerating. I am looking forward to the outcome of my mom’s living area as he helps me problem solve her needs/wants and even logistical challenges involved. I am also looking forward to what I/we hope will be a long term business connection across multiple projects. Resources like Nath just don’t cross one’s path often in life. You have a need in this area of business, I have no doubt that Nath is definitely a person to meet and consider to handle your project…at any stage.